About Paws for Learning

Since 1998, Paws for Learning has provided canine educational assistance to thousands of students and staff in schools and other communities settings.  In 2007, Paws for Learning expanded to provide canine critical incident and disaster response and recovery services.  As a result, new partnerships in the critical incident and disaster training response/recovery communities developed, allowing canine teams to assist locally, regionally and nationally.

Since making this commitment, Paws for Learning volunteers have responded to the 35W bridge collapse, a fatal bus crash, deaths of college students, tornadoes, missing person incidents, floods, fires, shootings and the recovery needs of relief workers responding to these disasters and critical incidents.

Who We Are

Paws for Learning operates under the premise that the act of assisting in educational settings and at times of disaster or critical incident with trained canines and handlers is a proven and life-giving intervention.

Paws for Learning, Inc. is a Minnesota based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been serving schools and communities since 1998.

Paws for Learning works to provide canine assisted support to individuals, families, and communities including public and private entities, and civilian and non-civilian agencies who have been affected by a critical incident or disaster, are in need of student educational assistance, or are in need of response support services.

Girl, one of the very first Paws for Learning dogs